Restricted Key and Master Key Locksmiths

Restricted Key

Restricted Key and Master Key Locksmiths

Restricted key systems are the highest security option that ensures your keys will never be copied without authorisation. This system utilises patent protected keys and locked cores, which restricts access to areas in the complex. This stops unauthorised access and duplication of keys for restricted areas.

These special keys limit access to approved personnel only. It is also a simple and cost-effective solution, making it a viable security option for property or complex owners.

If you require a system for one building or for several multi-level complexes, we can create this specialised key that suits your requirements.

With a restricted key system, you can limit access to sensitive areas of a building or complex while allowing full access to trusted employees. Individuals with restricted keys can also access numerous areas with a singular key, which promotes fewer risks. Keys are also easier to track and reduce the chances of unauthorised duplication.

Improve your building’s security with Alert Locks & Security restricted key system service.

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