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At Alert Locks & Security our unique master key systems make it virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate your keys without your knowledge while at the same time providing your home or business with physical protection from picking or drilling, as the high security cylinders we provide are very highly pick and drill resistant.

We also use these registered keys as the basis of a “Master Key System” enabling you to control employee access to different rooms, enabling various persons with different access authorizations to open all relevant doors with only one key.

The master key system has many advantages to it and most of all it helps in setting up an ordered, secure and logical keying system as opposed to keys being individual units for individual doors of all type and make.

When choosing a master key system with Alert Locks & Security, we always take in to account that your business is not just many singular units but rather part of a much larger structure that with the proper level of security control, expansion when growth is necessary and planning can and will run in a smooth and efficient manner befitting what should be of the utmost importance, your business.

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