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Choosing the right types of dead lock for your home or place of work can seem a bit of an effort, given the different types available on the market.

At Alert Locks & Security we can offer you years of experience in the industry and can offer you the best advice on the most suitable deadlocks to use for your needs.

A deadlock is a type of rim lock and is used in most situations that a rim lock would be used in. The security benefit of a deadlock is that it can be locked from the inside as well as out, so if an intruder gets into your house through a window, they can’t leave through the door with the deadlock on it.

Deciding which type of deadlock is best for your home security depends on your budget, the type of door and doorframe that the lock needs to be fitted into and your personal requirements.

To find out which deadlock is best suited to your requirements call the professionals at Alert Locks & Security on