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Garage Door Locksmith Services

Secure your garage properly.

We stock and install a wide range of roller door locks, accessories, and remotes. Garages often contain valuable cars, expensive tools and equipment and other valuable possessions. But many people forget to treat the security of their garage with the importance it deserves.

Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes and similarly, there is a wide range of garage locks available to suit different door types and settings.

Don’t cut corners when securing your garage. Be sure that you choose a lock that best suits your door and your needs.

A great example, if you have a tilt-a-door or a roller-door, and you’re looking for added security, is an ADI Block Lock which is drilled into concrete and fastened to the door for extra strength.

We stock a range of replacement remotes and accessories to suit a huge range of systems. We can program your new remote, assist you in doing it, or even re-programmed existing remotes whether at our store or onsite.

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