Electronic and Digital Door Locks


Electronic, Digital Locks, and Smart Locks are electronic, usually battery-operated locks that do not require a physical key to access. These types of locks are used in place of conventional mechanical locks that utilize a key, and have automated features and can even be connected to your smartphone.

Like any other door lock, digital locks also use a latch or bolt to secure the door to the doorframe in order to prevent access. The difference is how the latch or bolt is controlled. Digital locks work by the use of any of the following: RFID’s, Pin Codes, Fingerprints, Smartphones and more.

Digital locks are commonly used on exterior and interior doors for home, office, and business, but can also be used for lockers, furniture, and cabinets.

At the end of the day, digital locks provide a higher level of security in any application.

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Hand Open Door Digital And Access Control In A Condo