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Integrated Keys and Remotes / Standard Car Keys

Alert Locks & Security offers high-quality replacement keys for most cars and motorbikes. Below is a list of the various types of keys we provide.

Full Remote with a Key Blade:

This is the type of car key that can be inserted into the ignition, doors, and boot. If the vehicle is a year 2000 or newer, these types of keys will also have a “transponder chip” in them for security purposes, and that allows the engine to start. This type of remote must be programmed to the car. We have state-of-the-art, cloning, programming, and diagnostic equipment to perform this task.

Please allow for 45 to 60 minutes of time to create and program a full remote function key. The car must be present and you will need to have all existing remotes with you at the time of programming. Programming time varies depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle. Walkins are welcome as are appointments, or you can just drop off your vehicle and we can call you when the process is complete.

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Transponder Key:

Like the full remote key, since the year 2000, all car keys have been fitted with a “transponder chip” for security purposes, and that allows the engine to start. But with these types of keys, referred to as “transponder keys”, you usually have to manually lock & unlock the vehicle, there are no remote functions.

In a similar process to making a full remote key, we can match a new key to the one you have, “clone” the chip in the existing key, a make you a new one. This type of key is more cost effective, is quicker to produce, and does not require any programming. It’s a great option for either replacing a full remote key or just as a second key.

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Standard Car Keys / “SURF” Keys:

Unlike the full remote or transponder keys, this type of key will require you to manually lock & unlock your vehicle and if your vehicle is a year 2000 or newer, it will not allow the engine to start as there is no chip in it. These types of keys are most common for vehicles older than the year 2000, but work just fine on modern cars that utilize a key – this includes vehicles that use a proximity remote / keyless ignition, but still have an emergency key to lock and unlock the vehicle in case the remote fails.

Many people like these keys so when they go to the beach as an example, they can lock their remotes in their vehicle so it won’t get wet or damaged, hence the nickname “surf” key. For older vehicles, these are a standard type of key. They take the least amount of time to produce, are the least expensive, and a great option when appropriate.

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